The organisation of next years international week and symposion is a co-creation between The hague University and Artesis Plantijn Antwerp. A group of enthusiastic students of both universities is in charge of organising the entire event.


Introduction of staff:

Anne / The Hague University of Applied Sciences


The Foodture for me:

To me sustainability is a way of life. It means that we are supposed to be conscious about what we eat but also how much we eat. I think we are all responsible to make our ecological footprint as small as possible. I believe that there are many ways to achieve this, such as a plant based diet but also zero/less waste. But I think it also stands for sharing our knowledge and creating a world and a future where we can all be proud of.

Eline / The Hague University of Applied Sciences


The Foodture for me:

For me, sustainability is a way to make the world a little bit better. We all are responsible for our own actions, in Europe we have the luxury that we can consume any kind of product we want. It is so important that the food business will help us to make the best choices when we buy our food. Important is that the work field will make their processes transparent, this will help to improve the way food is produced.

Maybe, if we all work together, we can protect the environment and we can improve the quality of life of people and animals.

Lisa / Artesis Plantijn University College


The Foodture for me:

We can only guess what the foodture will look like… But we can make a difference by being conscious about our food choices. When I look at how much food is wasted, I see room for improvement. Every little action counts. This applies not only to food, but to all of our choices in daily life. Be conscious, make some change! On an individual level, and as a society.

Lara / The Hague University of Applied Sciences


The Foodture for me:

Sustainable to me does not mean consuming uselessness, but always asking yourself what the story is about the product you are buying or consuming and what consequences this has for society or the environment. From my background as a consultant at Schuttelaar & Partners, I also find it interesting to know which ambitions a brand or organization has to contribute to a more sustainable world. My personal ambition is to encourage brands, organizations and people to make more sustainable choices, and in this way, to make the difference!

Suzanne / Artesis Plantijn University College


The Foodture for me:

The foodture for me means: enjoying food in a way that does not produce bad environmental effects. This does not mean that I think everyone should eat vegan, but that the meat industry can be more environmental friendly. Food waste is also a theme were I am interested in. For me it is important that generations after us can take advantages of good and healthy food as we do!


Linda / The Hague University of Applied Sciences


The Foodture for me:

The foodture for me means to make sustainable choices about feeding the worldwide population, animals rights and climate change. Our consuming and eating habits have to change in order for the world to be able to keep providing for all what is living on our earth. With a more conscious approach in the field of nutritional- and consuming choices, food waste, ecological footprints and animal rights we can keep this beautiful planet strong and liveable for everyone to come!